Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) is one of the three departments of the Faculty of Information Technology. It offers subjects from other core disciplines such as Management, Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Law, English and non-technical subjects. The Department offers its course modules with the aim of enriching the undergraduates with business knowledge, communication skills and soft skills so as to improve their employability.

From 2010 onwards, the Department has been responsible for offering the B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology & Management Degree Programme, which is open to students from all streams of study at G.C.E. Advanced Level and is offered in parallel with the Degree Programme of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Information Technology. B. Sc. (Hons.) in IT & Management Degree programme provides an opportunity for students to specialize in Management in the field of IT, thereby creating graduates who are versatile in Information Technology and conversant in the application of Management theories. As a sister Department in the Faculty, the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies supports all the activities of the Faculty such as ITRU Research Symposium, Orientation Programmes, Exhibitions, etc. which are organized to add value to the endeavours of the Faculty.

The Department is rich with a fine blend of Academic and Academic Support Staff from various universities with their specialized areas and a few non-academic staff members.


Departmental Staff


  • A Group of Academics from National University of Singapore will visit the University on July, 2014 to conduct a Seminnar for the Graduates and Final Year Undergraduates
  • A Seminar Program for the students who are going to sit for the G.C.E.A/L Examination will be held on July, 2014

  • IT Cricket Sixes 2014 – The Annual Invitational Cricket Tournament Organized by the Faculty of Information Technology will be held on July, 2014
  • ITRU Symposium 2014

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